Action-FX now offering Poster design Services

Action-FX is now offering Poster design Services for existing templates or custom templates. Here's how it works; You take the pictures and we design the poster from scratch or put your images in an existing template. It's that easy! We provide you with an ftp site to upload your images, design/construct the poster, create a video of how to change manipulate the poster, and upload back to the ftp site for you to take. Depending on the project, turn around time is usually 14 days or less.

How to get started
Go to the store section for Photoshop templates and you will find a product called "Your Action-FX", add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Once we receive the payment information we will contact you with with the ftp information and ask for specific information. Upon completion we will provide a email proof, once it is aproved we will upload it to the ftp site and notify you to download it from there. Or we will provide you with a link to download it. 

You may notice the product is "back-ordered" this is because the current amount of posters we can design has reached it's maximum. Once the product is not on "back-order" you can proceed to chekcout. 


  1. Proceed to the Photoshop Template store section
  2. Add "Your Action-FX" to your cart and chekout
  3. You will receive an email with specific directions on how to proceed
  4. Aprove the proof and download your poster/video

What's included:

  • 12x18 .psd file of your completed poster, fully layered
  • High resolution JPEG of your poster ready to print
  • A short video tutorial specifically made for you
  • A CD/DVD with all files on (optional)
  • A 12x18 Professional Print (optional)

Click here to get started!



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