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You'll start by learning how to analyze the market and identify possible trade opportunities.  Then we move into how to capitalize on those opportunities.



See how the psychology of trading can make or break a trader.  Learn how to focus your mind on the things that really make the difference.  Set yourself up for success.


Kevin has spent more than twenty years involved in trading in one form or another. At age 20 he had his first success trading stocks followed by some ups and downs before finding consistency.  In 2008 he embarked on the world of Forex. Having found a market that really spoke to him he started developing his own style of trading using the fundamental principals he learned by trial and error. Now his goal is to cut down the learning curve for new traders and refine the confidence and methods of the experienced.

"This course has changed my view on the Forex market. I was able to finally get the hang of  trading and now have drastically reduced my work hours. The course is structured really well making it valuable for the beginner or advanced trader, highly recommended!"



"Thanks Kevin!  After using the tools provided with the course, I cant imagine trading without them. What a game changer for me!"

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